What can we offer to your company?

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN : From your ideas, sketches, models or drawings we'll redesigned in 3D for a professional production.

SHORT : By cutting technology laser cut components of assemblies with an accuracy of ± 0.1mm. We can cut steel up to 30mm and 15mm tube.

UNDER : According to the plate to provide rigidity and avoid welding final design. What is the most usual folding panels, turning, bending and stamping.

MACHINING : We machining (bruted) needed for their designs as drills, hazelnuts threaded rectified, milling, turning, and so on.

SOLDER + ASSEMBLY: Assembled and soldered their designs in any material. We can weld using TIG, MIG-MAG, Plasma, Electro-welding, robotised welding, etc..

SURFACE FINISHED : We can polish, satin stainless steel or leak and its five galvanize its carbon steels.