pieces with precision and good finish

Our machining center allows us to make specific parts for the production process.

A machining is a manufacturing process that involves a series of operations by shaping parts removal.

The material is torn or cut with a tool leading to a waste or chip. The tool consists generally of one or more blades or cutters that separate chip in each of the last piece.

Our machining tools are:
Drill: The piece is set on the table of the drill. The tool makes the cut rotary motion and linear progress, performing machining or drill a hole the same diameter as the drill and the desired depth.

Winch: The piece is set at around the plate, making the cutting motion turning on its axis, the blade made progress by eliminating the movement of the material in specific sites.

Milling: In the milling movement has cutting tool, turning on its axis, moving forward is what the piece, set on the table which makes this movement.